Why work with CM+PS?
– CM+PS utilize comprehensive and stringent screening techniques to prequalify and identify the perfect candidate for you.
– CM+PS proactively work with you and the candidates to ensure that a mutually beneficial bond is formed throughout employment. We maintain an open line of communication and are continually responsive to your needs.
– CM+PS provide Immigration and Visa assistance. We work with reputable and highly capable Immigration Law firms that are able to process visa petitions on your behalf. We can also assist in travel, relocation and short-term housing arrangements.
– CM+PS have designed a program that enables you to hire qualified manpower cost-effectively. Our goal is help you money and lessen expensive costs of international recruitment.

Why hire foreign nationals?
Competent – reliable, hardworking and excellent work ethic are traits that make foreign candidates highly desirable to American employers.
Motivated – foreign candidates want to pursue the “American Dream”, they are driven and goal-oriented.
Professional – highly educated and experience, they are usually armed with Bachelor’s Degree and/or equivalent experience. They are proficient in both verbal and written English communication.
Skilled- they are exposed to demanding work environment thus they have the ability to easily adapt and skillfully apply their training any given work situation.

What is EB-2?
EB-2 is a path to permanent residency in the U.S through employment. Individuals eligible for the EB-2 category must have a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree followed by at least five years of progressive experience in the specialty.
The benefits of filing under EB2 is that the priority date is current, which mean you can become a permanent resident or “green card holder” in approximately one (1) year.

EB2 Process
Step One; Application for Permanent Employment Certification (ETA 9089) – Labor Certification PERM
Step Two: Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker (I-140)
Step Three: Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status (I-485)- Greencard application

What is H1B?
– The- H-1B visa is for workers who are employed in a “specialty occupation” by a U.S. Employer.
– To be eligible for an H-1B applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience.
– This visa is issued to engineers, accountants, scientist, architects, teachers, management analysts and other professions with “distinguished merit and ability.
– The annual cap of the H-1B is 65,000.00. The H-1B visa is issued initially for up to three (3) years and may be extended for up to Six (6) years.

Requirements for H-1B applicants
– Detailed Resume
– Copy of Passport, Visa and Form I-94
– Copy of Diploma/Foreign Credentials
– Copy of Transcript of Records
– Certificates of Employment
If married
– Copy of Marriage Certificate
– Copy of Spouse’s Passports and Form I-94
With Children
– Copy of Birth Certificates
– Copy of children’s passports and Forms I-94